Mohamed Amrani

Partner | Strategy & Operations Lead

Hi there, I'm Mohamed.

Together with Alexander in 2012, I have co-founded IAS and am currently operating as Managing Partner & CIO.

With IAS we, among other things, help automotive organisations improve their competencies and effectiveness on a dealer and importer level.

As our activities towards electrified mobility are rapidly increasing due to disruptive changes within the sector, we have created Mobilit-e. Under this new brand, we will assists organisations in the transition towards electrification. Thus far, multiple partnerships were established with companies that focus on alternative forms of mobility such as Tuk Tuk Factory, Shimano, etc.

In addition to my role in leading IAS towards innovation and the use of new technologies, I am also the founder and driving force of the Belgian Standards Committee for working safely on electrically powered vehicles.

I have more than 18 years of experience in various branches within the (inter)national automotive landscape. After a first experience as a Service Ability Engineer at the Technocentre and Engineering Department of Renault in Paris, I made the switch to Opel Belux where, as ECO Specialist, I maintained close cooperation with the management of large fleet managers and was responsible for supporting the Opel ECO-Flex strategy. Both experiences were key to specialization in this complex matter.

After many years of being active as a Trainer, my experiences led me to believe my goal in life is to support the people within the disruptively changing mobility industry in facing and tackling all of its current and future challenges.

Under the moto 'Practice what you Preach', I recently started an experiment in which I only travel by means of electrified transportation. This helps me in being able to approach the mobility theme in general, as a strategist as well as a private- and end-user.

Feel free to get in touch. I'm happy to connect & share!

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