Skills Assessment


Identify. Capture. Tackle.

Having your employees trained is one step in the right direction, but having them certified helps you keeping track of the skill level of your teams.  Following up on the levels of certification is also a good indication of the level of proficiency of your different teams and dealerships.

Certification will improve your training curriculum and it'll give your workforce a clear view of your expectations.

Maybe a new colleague joined and already had some experience with another brand? Assessing their skill level gives you a good indication of the training needs they might have.

Skills-gap Analysis

Analysing the skills-gaps in the different teams and or dealerships allows you to focus your training efforts and/or it helps you to allocate certified profiles to fill the skill gaps.

You can quickly analyse the 'health' of your network and we can help you put together an action plan.

Trainer Certification

At IAS we also train trainers, so they can pass the knowledge to others. Having them certified is crucial for the success of your training efforts.

We assess your trainers not only on their knowledge and skills but also on how well the can transfer it to their students.


Mobilar is a spin-off of IAS. It's a software solution that allows you to easily assess your workforce, on-the-job, doing their day-to-day tasks. No more centrally managed certification exams, no more travel expenses, no more simulations, ... but real-life tasks fulfilment assessments. Supervised by local assessors.