Learning & Development Consulting

Learning & Development Consulting

We help to build your training academy.

As in all educational pursuits, it is critical to first find out what employees already know before embarking on trying to train them (all). It is also highly beneficial to have an objective look at the state of your training program.

An enormous amount can be discovered by asking simple questions. The deeper we dig, the more we can uncover about the shortcomings and needs of your current training program(s). We look at what has worked well in the past, as well as what has been trained on, but employees are still not utilising or did not seem to grasp.

Challenging existing thinking patterns, questions established procedures combined with a critical vision on future competency management, is IAS’ blueprint for engaging with our clients.

Whatever the size and duration of the project. We aim at solving important problems, while engaging in long-lasting partnerships. We support and guide you in setting up a complete training academy.


Your organisation might have a challenge in workforce retention. Having a good training strategy and curriculum can prevent this. Because an employee that a clear path for growth is an employee that stays.

We screen your curriculum and determine whether it's still aligned with the (individual) skill needs of your workforce.


IAS has a special way in pinpointing the problems and challenges that arise in that part of the organisation where things really matter: the workplace.

For that reason, we immediately involve Subject Matter Experts (SME) from within the field to help us understand things from all perspectives. By this, we help truly help management understand essential training needs.


MyStudio.training is a spin-off of IAS and offers 2 solutions that can help you setting up you training academy.  On the one hand they have a complete studio setup that you can book and start using and on the other hand they can help you setting up your own solution. In no time you'll have a professional studio for you training and presentations.