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Training & Coaching

Training of your technical, after-sales, fleet and sales staff, on both hard and soft skills.

Mentoring your workforce on the job by organising refreshment courses to make sure that the training efforts are maximized.

Coaching of management profiles and teamleaders on leadership skills and interpersonal skills.

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Learning & Development Consulting

Consulting on L&D programs tailored to the skill needs within the organisation.

Screening & Auditing of your training centers, fine-tuning of the curriculum, and aligning skill needs to the training modules.

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On-the-job Skills Assessment

Skill certification of your dealership staff or pre-hire skills assessment. Both on-the-job and in actual job situations (no simulations).

Skill gap assessments and progress tracking.

Certification of your trainers.

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Innovation Consultancy

Innovative workshops, immersive labs and consultancy on sales 2.0 and new retail concepts; remote sales, social selling, centralized vehicle delivery, genius program implementation, …

Design thinking workshops on the future of automotive and mobility solutions.

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We are here to help you.

Do you have specific questions about your training strategy and -methodologies or do you have a specific need to have your workforce trained on? We master every part of the chain regarding automotive training and consultancy and we would be delighted to help you out.

Or maybe you just need a critical soundboard to challenge your learning vision and strategy? As this is our sweet spot, we are the perfect match for you!

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IAS has a proven approach to getting immediate results.


IAS begins with a thorough and careful assessment of how well your organization is learning. Having an objective view of the organization’s capability to move towards management’s vision is critical.


We then present the best fitted training solution for your organization. We focus on getting management involved, which is critical for any program to succeed. Only when the company’s vision, strategy and management are aligned with the training program, real change can happen.


After the assessment is completed, management is on board and the plan is clear and approved, IAS can start bringing in excitement and fun. Through our science-based programs, change is initiated throughout the company.

Science-based solutions.

Co-creation and critical vision.

IAS will critically assess your challenges and develop a custom program that meets the needs of your fast moving organization. Whether through a creative and inspiring keynote, a full training program, a competency mapping of your workforce, or a learning approach tailored to every individual. IAS supports the future of your organization by co-creatingprograms that will last and withstand the test of time.

Innovation is a conditio sine qua non.

Every company, team or individual is constantly changing (our should be!). However, often these changes are oriented towards what’s easiest rather than what’s most effective. IAS’ disruptive learning innovations will keep your organization in line with management’s vision while re-energizing, motivating and exciting your employees.


We've been working intensively with some of our customers on a national, European and international level. 
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For a series of training-programs we collaborate with CEVORA.  Participants who are a member of PC200 can participate for free in these trainings