Training & Coaching


Bringing innovation into every learning opportunity.

While there are relatively few brands of cars, the competition between car makers, dealerships, and service companies is quite fierce.

Understanding how people learn is progressing faster than our traditional education system can keep up with. Being up to date with the latest developments AND defining them ourselves, sorting through what is best practice and implementing tailored programs that can make real change happen, is what differentiates IAS from its competitors.

IAS works with the top brands across Europe, we know that mistakes in proper knowledge transfer can have serious consequences, so it must be done effectively every time. Its that for what our customers rely on us.

We offer a wide range of different training-modules

  • Parts Training
  • After Sales Training
  • LeaderShip Training
  • Soft-Skills Training


Science tells us that we are very quickly forgetting 50% of what we have learned. In essence, this is were Mentoring comes into play: picking people’s brain and delivering opportunities to the learner in which they need to put in ‘effort for retrieval’, meaning there’s a good reason to go back to the learned information, re-act with it in a day-to-day reality so it can be processed correctly in their brain.


During our coaching-sessions we support management profiles and teamleaders in their growth and leadership skills. This is done by a regular follow-up and coaching on interpersonal skills.


For every part of the organisation

IAS offers training across the many functions and teams of the automotive- & mobility industry. From new product launches, sales training, soft skills and behavioural training, to motor show training and of course technical training.


Permanent fine-tuning

During the our sessions, we are looking for the borders of the employees comfort zone by challenging them to excel, grow into the next level and gently pushing them forward. Full professional self-development and self-creation is at the central goal of the sessions.


High impact and clear ROI

IAS specializes in high consequence training. Because of our unique approach to establishing KPIs and measuring the results of knowledge transfer, we can show a clear ROI and impact of training. A critical factor which differentiates us from all of our competitors.

Training in the 21st century


Great design

Curriculum design is sooo much more than simply checking the boxes. In the end, it has to do with user experience which results in effective business results. Our focus is ensuring overall success, from beginning to “end” (as learning itself should not have a definite end destination).


Online and offlline

Everyone learns in different ways. In many situations learning comes best from full immersion with all of our senses. Also sometimes self-paced online modules are better. We determine, based on data, the best approach and then can provide the right materials.


Custom development

Every company is different and so it is critical that IAS can create tailor-made solutions that superbly fit our client’s way of working.

For a series of training-programs we collaborate with CEVORA.  Participants who are a member of PC200 can participate for free in these trainings