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Science proves you should have FUN!

Focusing on FUN is what sets us apart. It is part of our DNA. We focus on the wellbeing of every single team-member. Because we strongly believe that the best way for us to succeed, is to ensure that everyone enjoys themselves while reaching their organisational and personal goals.

  • We put our employees first. They spend at lot of their time supporting us to reach our goals, so there is no question that we support them reaching theirs. Whether it's in their professional life or in their personal life. A strong team is a happy team.
  • Flexibility is key and we are convinced that a healthy work-life balance can only be accomplished by showing the necessary flexibility. Thus we are open to all initiatives that can support your work-life balance (even if that means that you need to recharge your batteries in a monastery in Nepal or on a beach in Miami).

Our open positions

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Don’t see the job you want to apply for? You can make an open application for the role you want at any time even if we are not advertising for it.
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IAS Core Values



capacity & willingness to develop, organize and manage our company along with any of its risks, in order to make a difference and create value.



odd way of looking at (un)conventional problems or situations, from a fresh perspective which suggests unorthodox solutions.



the enjoyment of pleasure and working together.



molding an idea or invention into a service or good which will create value for which our customers are willing to pay.



intrinsic moral value that reflects transparent honesty throughout everything one thinks, says and does.

Benefits & perks

Flexible working

Full-fledged remote working and time/place flexibility are just a matter of common sense.


We offer a very (véry) competitive salary package, all perks included.

Work hard, play hard

As FUN is our key value, we do appreciate a good amount of laughter (silly jokes are allowed during teamlunch).

Mobility Solutions

Since we are a mobility company, we fully support (green) transportation possibilities. No worries, you’ll get a car as well.

Career outlook

Our core business is getting people to a higher level, potentially growing out to become an entre/intra-preneur.

Payroll or Freelance

Depending on the project(s) and your professional situation, we are open to discuss both options.