Innovation through Science.


Knowing how the brain works, allows you to change behaviour & emotionally touch human beings.


Would you personally think that Formal learning alone could really allow you to achieve 100% Performance in the future?

To excel in innovation you must first understand the science.



As innovation is at the core of everything we do, we pride ourselves on high standards and high expectations. Creativity will lead the way towards shaping our future.



Having a critical mindset and challenging convention through solution-based thinking are the common thread throughout our team.


A unique blend of heterogenous experts

As our customers’ challenges often impact multiple departments, processes and functions within automotive, our aim is to have a unique team of colleagues as heterogeneous as possible.However, one very important similarity is that each of them has already accumulated a specific expertise (training, sales, workshop, after sales, hr, management, …) in the automotive industry for several years. This helps us in understanding all aspects that a project might touch upon.Don’t be afraid if you are just embarking on the first steps in your career. We do enjoy bringing bright young graduates to a premium level of quality, at an unseen speed.


Helping the Automotive- & Mobility industry being more productive and efficient. There is no justification on spending time and money on competency development, unless an impact on organizational performance can be predicted and achieved.


Our Global approach leads to tailor-made and innovative concepts, with a specific focus on transfer of knowledge, skills and attitude, that targets improved business results.

Do you want to become our new colleague?

Our vision on the future

Learning & Development

Nowadays, a lot of training activities consist of generic formal sessions in classrooms or online courses, on topics that are enforced by manufacturers and number-crunchers to ‘answer’ today’s business challenges. This conventional L&D model has many disadvantages: one size fits all approach, no clear view on ROI, academic system that is not connected to real business needs, low focus on informal learning, mandatory trainings to solve non-skills related business problems, etc.

The true question is how we can train and (re-)skill people to be ready for their job of today and the jobs of tomorrow? Time has come to disruptively re-think training and re-energize the Spark for Curiosity by developing training that is:

  • Adapted and personalized to individual training needs
  • Always connected to business processes and tasks
  • Extended to the workplace
  • Aimed to increase current & future skill levels
  • Based on big data models and artificial intelligence
  • Ensuring a measurable impact (ROI) on the business. Closing the loop…

(Urban) Mobility

As the automotive industry is changing at an unprecedented rate, experts have tried to describe the ongoing disruption by the -already famous- ACES model (Autonomous, Connected, Electrified & Shared).

This paradigm shift in the automotive industry will be the blueprint for others to follow…

When we ask our audiences how they would describe where the world is heading to, words like Sustainability, Sharing Economy, Technology and Trust are often mentioned.

The definition of « Trust » has being the basis for (commercial) relationships, is redefined by emerging technologies such as IoT, Blockchain, Smart Mobility, Smart Cities, Smart Retail, Big Data, etc.

This is why Technology itself will be the driver of the new economy. The Future of Mobility and its impact on all industry sectors will instigate a modal shift, drive a global change, and lead the way to a new economic reality impacting all existing companies.