The future of your automotive business.

The automotive sector is going through a massive change. The shift toward electric cars has tagged along a whole of extra challenges that took the sector by surprise. New business models arise, new ownership models come into play, new players enter the market, new mobility solutions are being pushed by governments, ...

This big shift is filled with enormous challenges, but equally a whole lot of opportunities for those who grab them. We help uncovering these opportunities and turning them into valuable, marketable products and services..

Immersive Labs

During some in-depth workshops (using the design-thinking principle) we push you towards self-reflection and train you to look at challenges from a different angle. These labs involve different stakeholders from within the organisation and can be organised in half-a-day sessions or even in a full week off-site.

The outcome of these workshops can vary from new business- and servicemodels to a complete change management roadmap.

Public Speaking

Working with nearly every major car company for several years, we have created for ourselves the necessary authority to also jump on stage to talk about trends and evolutions we see in the market.

We do both internal inspirational speaker-sessions for your workforce and public events.

Beside the future of automotive we also focus on the future or training.

Public Speaking


The Future of Automotive

At IAS we permanently scan for new trends and movements within the automotive industry. This allows us to critically look at the technologies that are going to have a big impact on the future. Things like Vehicle-to-grid, self-driving cars and ride-sharing are our second nature.


The Future of Car Sales

The future of car sales will have a major impact on dealerships and car manufacturers alike. Online sales, experience centers, pop-up stores, ... will change the way cars are being sold. But also the ownership model is changing from buying to using, from convenience to commodity.


Skill-based Training

Classroom teaching has long been the preferred way to share knowledge. But todays challenges revolve more about skills then about knowledge. Training hard and soft skills requires a new set of tools and a new mindset. It also requires a new type of teachers.