Michael Gastmans


Hi I'm Michael.

As COO at IAS, I'm responsible for the people side of things and ensuring organisational efficiency to support our sustainable business growth. Together with Alexander, it's our daily goal to push the company forwards!

With a background in Psychology and Management, I immediately started working in the Automotive industry. First within Talent Acquisition to later take on more generalist HR- & management roles on a regional, importer and dealer group level. These experiences gave me valuable insights in how automotive companies are operating, and more importantly, how human capital can be put to good (and bad) use.

Over the years I've learned to operate with a big focus on efficiency, process improvement and organisational change by continuously challenging the status-quo. I love questioning things and exchanging thoughts, ideas and opinions with all manner of people. People sometimes tell me I'm a fast learner with strong analytical capabilities. I enjoy sparring with others to move things forward.

When I'm not working, you'll probably find me on my bike or making fresh pasta and pizza. To relax, I like travelling through Italy and visiting our families in France and Switzerland with my fiancée Nathalie.

Looking forward to meeting you!

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