Hannes Van Herreweghe

Sales & Product Trainer

Hi there, I’m Hannes.

I joined IAS in October 2020.

Closing the door of Erasmushogeschool Brussel in 2009 with a diploma in Marketing Communication in the pocket, I was totally ready to attack the job market. I started as a Telesales Operator at De Persgroep, making it to Account Manager in 2 years time. After 4 years in the media industry, it was time for me to move on. It soon became clear that my future would be in the automotive industry.

That’s how I ended up at MINI, working as a Sales Advisor in the Antwerp area. The automotive virus immediately got to me! (Sorry, joining IAS in full Covid period, I couldn’t resist making the referral 🙂 ). After, again, 4 years and hundreds of MINIs sold, ALD Automotive crossed my path, where I became Indirect Lease Consultant for the Ford brand. Supporting and training Ford sales(wo)men in leasing and fiscal products, it became clear I really love seeing others excel.

Already being in contact with IAS for a couple of months, the moment was finally there in October 2020 to become part of this amazing family. I love passing my energy and experience to others so they can develop further in this (r)evolutionary business.

Let’s catch up!

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