Gino Van der Auwera

Training Academy Coordinator

Hi, I’m Gino!

I’ve been a Technical Trainer from the very beginning of my career. Just after graduating, I’ve been able to get the chance to start working for the European headquarters of Subaru.

This experience has shown me lots of different aspects of the automotive business. I’ve been able to have a closer look at the production process, meet the engineers to get to know their thoughts behind some designs and ideas. I’ve been able to see not only the aftersales part, but also joined the Sales & Marketing team, to understand their vision. I’ve always been in close contact with many European distributors, and dealers. This has allowed me to get a better idea on how to link the vision of a manufacturer with the reality at a dealership in different countries.

Simply said, in the 8 years that I’ve worked at Subaru, I have been able to experience a lot. Having gathered plenty of knowledge and skills in this area, I’ve noticed that a big part of my interest was in finding the best possible way to share this knowledge, and to be able to see and measure the effect that it has. That’s where I’ve been able to find IAS. With so much experience in training, this is the perfect place for me to improve that skill. After a first meeting, I could immediately tell that IAS is a blooming company that constantly strives to find new and unprecedented ways of teaching and training. I knew that this was the company where I could challenge myself again, and find better ways on how to tell the story.

My interest in cars started very early already, as a small child, helping my father bleeding brake systems and holding up the flashlight while he was fixing things. This interest in cars evolved into a passion for racing, where I’ve started driving race cars at the age of 16. Not only was I interested in becoming the fastest driver, but mainly focussed on having the best home-build race car. I would spend hundreds of hours in the garage trying to find improvements to get ahead of the competition. A couple of years ago I’ve paused this hobby to make sure that I can spend enough time with my 2 beautiful children, hoping that someday I can share this passion with them.

Very happily looking forward to meet you!


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