Alexander Swannet

Partner | Sales, Planning & Performance

Hi there,

I'm Alex.

I'm Co-Founder, COO and Managing Partner @ Innovative Automotive Services.

Shortly after kick-starting my career as an automotive trainer for various brands, I later met Co-Founder Mohamed. As our paths crossed on several occasions, and as we were driven by the same vision regarding training, we decided to launch a company together in 2012, named Innovative Automotive Services (IAS).

Return On Investment (ROI) on training is hard to determine, nevertheless billions of dollars are spent each year on training, without being able to predict the business outcome. This is what personally drives me, trying to make this prediction as accurate as possible, with a bold statement as starting point: ``everything IS measurable``.

I get energized by developing creative concepts, matching our customers’ needs, pitching them, and debriefing them after a successful roll-out. My personal aim is to improve business results for each single stakeholder within an 'IAS client case', or within a long-term partnership between all involved parties.

As relaxation therapy after a hard day’s work, I just love to do all kinds of adrenaline boosting activities, as well as enjoying the little things in life!

Looking forward getting in touch! Let us inspire you!


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