Brussels Motor Show

Training program for host(esse)s, informants & product geniuses

Brussels Motorshow

After 2 years of absence, the Brussels Motor Show returns to the Brussels Expo Centre to celebrate its 100th edition. It’ll be a celebration in style with special events and a lot of new cars with over 55 exhibitors on display. After this 2-year break you can imagine that FEBIAC has pulled out all the stops to make it a fantastic and memorable event.

IAS has been training informants for international A to C motor shows for various prominent brands for over a decade. We are offering you a training program specifically designed for your informants and product geniuses.

Training Programs

Our experience teaches us that training and onboarding informants and product geniuses in a very short period of time is a big challenge.  It’s simply impossible for our brain to process a vast amount of information on 3 days (the usual average of a BMS training).

That’s why we offer a unique blend of self-paced, video-based, studio-based and classroom training. We do this both on-site and remotely.  Having this mix allows the trainees to look back at some of the information, which helps them to better recall it.  Which in turn leads to trainees better trained and prepared for the Motor Show.


We have designed a standard curriculum for each job role going from half a day to 4 days of training.

This program is based on prior experiences, it can however be tailormade to your wishes.  If you want more information about this, you can contact us.  We’ll discuss your specific wishes and come up with a detailed quote.

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Classroom Learning

We have a team of product experts that work with some of the top brands across Europe.  Over the years we perfected an ideal mix of workshops, exercises and simulations that enable a very effective way of training, ensuring a high ROI.

The advantage of a classroom setting is that the trainees get to know one another, which is vital to the collaboration. They get fully immersed in the brand and the setting also encourages them to ask questions.

Studio-based Learning

Next to our instructor-led classroom training programmes, we can offer various types of content via Virtual Studio trainings.  We have multiple fully equipped studios, both for virtual product, technical and sales training.  Our studios are also portable and can be set up at any location.

Adding virtual trainings to your training programme will allow your informants and product geniuses to be trained from the comfort of their own home.  Which in turns leads to a significant reduction in expenses on travel, location and catering.

Video-based Learning

Additionally, we offer video-based workshops that can be pre-recorded. This is especially helpful for more generic content and refresher courses, allowing your informants to look back at some of the more challenging parts of the training program.

A big benefit of pre-recording some parts, is you can e.g. involve your topmanagement to inspire and give a strategic outline. Trainees have the possibility to view and review short snackable pieces of knowledge at their own pace.


We have developed our training programs with 3 main target groups in mind.  Depending on their role at the Brussels Motor Show they will receive an adapted program.



Your host(esse)s are the first contact on the booth.  They have to welcome and guide the guests and they will answer the basic questions of the visitors.



The informant is the responsible for all questions related to the car.  He or she will be the go-to person on the booth when it comes to discovering the car and getting to know the different options.


Product Genius

The product genius is the wizard on your booth.  This person has a more indepth knowledge about the product and everything there is to know about ownership.  He or she can turn an interested prospect to a customer.

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